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"I am grateful that through this collaboration we are given the opportunity to continue to include PolarCap® System in our routines for concussions management. PolarCap® System, whose positive effects have been further confirmed with the results from the follow-up study in Swedish ice hockey, will thus continue to be part of our routines for handling concussions."

Daniel Jerrhag

Team Doctor

Swedish Men’s National Handball Team

"The potential for head cooling to aid players after a head injury in a rapid, actionable way, is extremely interesting to the Love of the Game team. I would have willingly used something like the this in my playing days."

Simon Shaw

President at Love of the Game,

Former Professional Rugby Player

"It feels good that we will have another PolarCap® System available for our organisation. Since we have had the system for almost five years, we have been able to evaluate the product first-hand. We in the medical team as well as the players are positive about the treatment method. We see the use of the PolarCap® System as a given part in our management to reduce the effects of concussions."

Andreas Frostemark



"The fact that there is now also robust scientific evidence for PolarCap® System makes us confident that we now can offer improved medical treatment for our players suffering concussions"

Matthew Clarkin

Director of Rugby

Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque’s

"Together with our team doctor, neurologist Oliver Lanczik, we have evaluated the use of PolarCap®. We are very pleased to continue the collaboration with PolarCool."

Jan-Axel Alavaara

General Manager

Adler Mannheim

"I am excited that Cavigal Nice Handball as an organization, becomes the first handball team in France to make the PolarCap® System available to our players"

Dr. Adnaud Clav

Team Doctor

Cavigal Nice Handball

"The fact that you can also use the treatment during rehabilitation is another area of use where you can benefit from the PolarCap® System"

Mikael Klots Rubin

Former Medical Director

Hammarby Fotboll

"The scientific evidence regarding the treatment effects are impressive"

Rasmus Nymann


Aalborg Handball

"We at Västerås IK take the problems with concussions seriously and for us it is important to take care of our players"

Patrik Zetterberg

Sports Director

Västerås IK

“Protecting the well-being of our players is very important to us at Köping HC. Head injuries and their consequences can cause significant and, above all, longterm problems for the affected player. We therefore see great value in being able to provide PolarCap® System. PolarCool will also educate the club and thereby raise the level of knowledge regrading head injuries”

Anders Näsström


Köping HC

"The safety of the players is and will always be a priority issue. Being able to quickly alleviate the negative effects of head injuries in the best possible way is very important. We are grateful that this opportunity exists. I am very pleased to continue to have the PolarCap® System in place and have the opportunity to use it should the accident occur to any of our students"

Tomas Sandlin

Head of Thoren Business School's hockey gymnasium

After a successful trial of the PolarCap® System, I am encouraged by the systems benefits and effects on players suffering from concussion. I am grateful to Stade Français Paris for the opportunity to use the device long term and proud to be the first rugby organization in France to provide the PolarCap® System to its players

Dr Elliot Rubio

Team Doctor, Stade Francais Paris


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