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PolarCap® System is intended to reduce brain temperature to prevent or limit long term cognitive impairment after brain trauma.

PolarCap® System is a portable cooling device, intended for treatment of concussive and sub-concussive brain injury. PolarCap® System can be deployed in proximity of athletes who encounter any form of head trauma in professional, amateur, and school settings. PolarCap® System is exclusively sold by PolarCool AB (publ).

Medical cooling has been proven to be neuroprotective in several indications including traumatic brain injury, sudden cardiac arrest and stroke. Early stage cooling is critical in preserving brain function and resisting long-term cognitive impairment. PolarCap® System applies non-invasive, surface cooling technology, is easy to use, deploys quickly and delivers highly efficient cooling immediately after injury.

The medical device consists of a cooling unit and a silicone based cooling cap alongside neoprene insulation, designed to cool the head and neck of athletes suffering from diagnosed or suspected concussion or encountering repetitive head collisions. PolarCap® cools the head and the neck via a circulating coolant during a procedure that takes approximately 45-60 minutes. PolarCool’s tests with healthy volunteers prove that PolarCap® cools the core body temperature from hyperthermia to normothermia within 30 minutes on average, compared to the control group which without the PolarCap® reached normothermia in approximately 50-60 minutes on average.

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