Scientific publication - PolarCap® System


Since the beginning of PolarCool AB, a key part has been to conduct studies about the clinical effects of the PolarCap® System regarding concussion and sub-concussive repetitive blows to the head.

In 2016, a study was started with the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and HockeyAllsvenskan. After three seasons, where a total of 15 Swedish professional ice hockey teams participated, the study showed significant positive effects for treated players (intervention group) in terms of shortened recovery time in comparison to the control group. The results also showed a drastic reduction of the proportion of players of long-term absence in the intervention group. The study was published by Future Medicine in the journal Concussion. Read the full article here.

The positive results of the study were the basis for the SHL, to implement a new standard that from the start of the 2019/2020 season two PolarCap® Systems should be available at all games (one for the home- and away team).

In addition, the statistical medical outcome is important considering that a team using the PolarCap® System greatly reduced the total duration of player absence due to concussion. An effect that, among health benefits for the athlete, also meant sport specific and financial benefits for the clubs.