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Clinical study in the treatment of sub-concussive repetitive head impacts

In 2020, PolarCool began work on the SafeBrain project, which the company has received partial funding from EuroStars for. The plan is to carry out a biomarker study in martial arts, together with our partner ABCDx, and led by Lund University, where Professor Niklas Marklund will be the responsible researcher. The aim is to focus on the potential neurodegenerative pathology generated by repeated blows to the head.

The study is designed to evaluate the effect of controlled selective head and neck cooling in the acute phase after repetitive blows to the head. This will be done by analysing inflammatory biomarkers from blood samples. By randomising the athletes into two groups, treated and control, the aim is to examine eventual differences between groups regarding biomarkers.

The study will be carried out in collaboration with Skånes University Hospital (Region Skåne), Biomedical Center in Lund (part of Lund University) with the support of the Swedish Boxing Federation.

Whiplash study

PolarCool intends to develop an application of hypothermia treatment as a treatment method for whiplash injuries, greatly needed as treatment alternatives are very limited. The company's goal is to CE mark a product for treatment of whiplash in the acute phase, following close collaboration with leading researchers by initiating a study in the field at Swedish university hospitals.

An application is under evaluation and PolarCool AB intends to submit an ethics application for a clinical study in emergency care during late 2020. By rapidly cooling the inflammatory process, the aim is to reduce both short- and long-term effects due to whiplash injury. The product will hopefully provide a unique alternative to be used in the emergency phase.