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The market segment of PolarCap® System is comprised of athletes, sports teams, and organizations which in some form are engaged in sports activities where concussions and repetitive head impact are commonplace. This entails that football (soccer), ice hockey, rugby, equestrian sports, combat sports such as mixed martial arts and Thai boxing, motor sports, and American football are some of the areas where participants are most prone to concussions and repetitive head impact, and thus where the treatment method can be applied. The geographical outlook below depicts the regions PolarCool identifies as the primary target area. PolarCool estimates that up to 4 million concussions occur annually in the United States alone.

The topic of concussions has generated increasing attention in the world of sports while also gaining the attention of medical expertise. Those who suffer from a concussion are at risk of prolonged absence and may be forced to end their sports career well ahead of plan. Media is filled with stories of prominent athletes suffering from long-term side effects such as severe headaches, nausea, sensitivity to noise and light, and depression, after one or multiple concussions. There are major economic burdens involved as well, as long term absence due to head trauma impacts individuals and their families as well as institutions and insurance companies that must cover healthcare costs. PolarCap® System presents itself as potentially a standardized treatment method intended to prevent brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders.

PolarCool’s estimations, based on reviews of multiple data sources, convey a potential of approximately 425 million participants in athletic activities where concussions or repetitive head impacts occur commonly. An overview of the potential target group is displayed in the following table.